Monday, April 30, 2007


The guilt! The guilt! There is a reason this blog is not called "Cleveland Daily Photo." For some reason of late, I've been little inspired. But I thought I'd post this find today. Not exactly a picture of my city, but instead a little piece of its history.

Higbee's was one of Cleveland's big department stores, back in the day before the consolidation of department store ownership you see today. Here you can see some pictures of the Higbee's Building in downtown Cleveland. The store and its holiday windows featured prominently in the movie A Christmas Story. Another fun fact about Cleveland department stores -- Higbee's main competition was a store called Halle Brothers. Undecided about what to name her daughter, Halle Berry's mother was inspired by a shopping bag she was carrying home.

I found this receipt tucked inside the cover of a book I purchased this week at a used bookstore. I love finding ephemera like this!


Mary Lynn said...

They also used the Halle building for the Drew Carey show.

GE said...

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NDS said...

Halle is a nice name anyway, good thing she never had a brother named Higbee.