Thursday, March 8, 2007

Fire in Snow

Fire is a popular restaurant in Shaker Square, which is near my home. I've never eaten here, as (1) I have children and (2) it appears not to have crayons at the table. (I'm only partially kidding.) Anyhow, I liked the warm name and the chilly weather in the picture, as well as the little architectural detail above the window.

Shaker Square is one of those partially successful attempts at (quasi-) urban renewal. A number of businesses have moved in and then out again, but it seems to be on a bit of an uptick.

1 comment:

Kala said...

I'll have the Sea Scallop Fettuchini por forvour =)
OK, I looked at the website and could not resist peeking at the menu -

Looks like a great place to eat - now only if they added some crayons and a drawing paper, it would be the perfect place !