Saturday, March 3, 2007

You have to start somewhere.

My attic window.

One early morning, unable to sleep, I was browsing the internets and happened upon Paris Daily Photo. This lead me to daily photo blogs for Mumbai, London, New York, Indianapolis, Silver Spring (a former hometown of mine), and many others. But I was shocked to find no Cleveland photo blog. Being in the middle of preparing for the Bar examination, I realized that I needed to wait to embark on this endeavor. But the exam is over, and here we go.

A little about me ... I am the mother of two young boys. I live on the East Side of Cleveland. I am emphatically NOT a photographer. The best I can say is that I like to take pictures. And I love my city. I decided that this might best be a group endeavor, so I recruited a friend to participate, who will introduce herself. I'd like to post everyday, but I can make no promises.


moworld said...

Welcome to the Daily Photo Family, looking forward to seeing more of Cleveland. Thanks for the link.

Silver Spring Daily Photo

Ackworth Born said...

Cleveland for me is always North Yorkshire, the moors that strech from Whitby to Middlesborough, but I shall look forward to seeing photos of your Cleveland nonetheless.