Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not My House

This is not, in fact, my house. But I wish it were. I have this fascination with Craftsman-style homes, in particular the Craftsman bungalow. There is something so appealing to me about the thoughtful combination of form and function embodied in a Craftsman home.

In my town, Shaker Heights, there are basically no bungalows at all, but the neighboring town, Cleveland Heights, has many. This one I think is especially attractive; the eaves are lovely.


knittinmom said...

I am obsessed with Craftsmans, too! We're lucky enough to live in one, which is actually a bungalow-and-a-half (it has a 2nd story on the back half of the house). The house in the picture is called a "bungaloid" (don't you just love that word?) because of its full two stories.

When Bill & I first learned that particular term, we used to walk around saying "You're such a bungaloid!" Aren't we hilarious?

jessica said...

I live in Shaker Heights as well; I know this house( pass by it atleast once a day)- it's on Lee Rd. @ Fairmount across from the first church of Christ Scientist. I am in love with this house, and share your feelings about Craftsmans- I am a sucker for these!!!